The payment can be made by: PayPal or COD. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner's Club and American Express.

To correctly perform a transaction using the order form for purchases by credit card, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • American Express

Enter the 16 digits of your credit card number, as reported on the card.

Correctly insert the expiration date of the credit card (month and year), as reported on the card.

Enter the CVV security code (last 3 digits on back of card).

By clicking the send button, you start the transaction. The data is sent in encrypted form to the website of the bank in charge of checking the availability of the credit card.

Please note that transactions with a credit card are made directly on the bank's website, in secure mode (ssl). Therefore, for security and privacy reasons, we do not have any control of the data entered on the credit card purchase form. This means that we have no way of knowing the reason why a request is rejected by the bank.

The most frequent reasons for rejection are:

  1. The use of a credit card not accepted by our system;
  2. An error in entering the data;
  3. Exceeding the available credit limit.

As regards the latter case, it may happen that the credit available on the card is 'frozen' by the bank for a few days for a specified amount if the holder has an online transaction with an e-commerce service in process, even if the transaction has not yet been definitively completed (i.e.: if an order has been submitted but has not yet been processed). Doubleice S.p.a. is in no way responsible for this eventuality.

It is also possible that a transaction is rejected by the system due to data circuit saturation problems at the bank.

The order comes after the confirmation of credit.

Bank Transfer

The order comes after the confirmation of credit.

The bank details for making the payment are given in the product purchasing procedures.

Security of transactions

The choice of method of payment occurs at the end of the online process, on the page titled "Payment". Online transactions by credit card are made through a virtual POS. The entire payment stream is done on a secure web server through the https security protocol with SSL protection and 128-bit encryption. The Credit Card payment system used by Doubleice has been developed in collaboration with "Payment Gateway", the worldwide leader in online payment systems. The Gateway Bankpass guarantees customers the highest possible level of security and privacy during the input and processing of data pertaining to the credit card. In fact, once you reach the payment page, you are directed automatically to the Bankpass server and your data will be sent on an ssl (Secure Sockets Layer) secure connection, which will guarantee the confidentiality of communication between the user and bank. Data entered in this phase will be visible only to the bank, no one else will be able to find out your credit card number. The privacy of online transactions is therefore greater than that of a traditional store, where the card number is printed on the receipt, a copy of which the operator keeps.

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